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Akvia Medical

Having adopted as a principle to offer high technology and innovative designs in various hospital equipment such as transfer chairs, stretchers, blood donor chairs, etc. to institutions and organizations involved in the medical sector, Akvia has improved its product range thanks to its robust, reliable, aesthetic design and its outstanding technical service understanding, and thus has gained the trust of users with quality products offered to consumers. Thanks to its more than ten years of experience in the industry, its expertise proven with institutional studies, and its design and R&D studies offered to institutions and organizations through the cooperation of sales team, Akvia always adopts a marketing approach that gives priority to customer satisfaction. As a company with a market share performance increasing day by day, Akvia aims to be the leading company of the sector in a short time by never compromising the quality, shaping the product range in line with customer needs and following the latest technological developments. Akvia Medical has increased its investments through domestic and foreign sales in line with the increasing customer demands, and still continues to provide its customers with faster, more quality and more reliable services.

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